Nuova DeCa. We build the Excellence.

High quality, attention to details and respect of the enviroment are the mainstays of Nuova DeCa.
Nuova DeCa always caring about innovation and the future of construction, design and materials and is now able to present innovative and high quality technical and design solutions to its customers.
Nuova DeCa works out your plan, from concept and design to construction, using an innovative and creative approach able to meet its customer's needs.
The value and the quality of its work allowed our building firm to increase and get qual i ty cer t i f icates (SOA, ISO 9001:2001) and to build long durable works.
Thanks to its experience Nuova DeCa’s activity specialized in three fields, Tourism, Private and Public Works, ensuring excellent results and excellent results.


Administrative headquarters Taranto:
Tel: 099.7327989 - Fax: 099.7301519

Registered office: S.P. per Accetta, 78
Massafra (TARANTO)

Technical area:

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